Police search for mother accused of drugging children

Tony Thomas, WSBTV

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Snellville police are searching for a mother who they say is on the run with her four children.


The mother is accused of drugging her kids and keeping them out of school for at least a year.

Police say Savion Piotter abruptly moved out of a duplex on Dove Court right after DFACS showed up.

Police body camera video shows a DFACS worker knocking on the door of the home. A 3-year-old answered, but another child quickly shut the door.

When police came back with a warrant, the home was empty.

Authorities are worried because they say Piotter has a history of drugging her children.

Investigators said she would give her children, ages 1 to 8, Benadryl so she could "control them."

Authorities said the older children hadn't been to school in a year and weren't seen by doctors.

"We don't actually have any leads on where she is. It's just a matter of getting stopped by a patrol officer or someone just calling in saying, 'I've seen this person,'" Detective Deann Green said.

Investigators said Piotter has a history of running as soon as she knows authorities are closing in. They said there are investigations in DeKalb County and at least 10 incidents being looked into in New York, and each time Piotter left and no one could find her.

"Right now I'm not worried about the mom. That's how I feel. This is about the children and the welfare of them," neighbor Cindy Allen said.

The county sheriff's fugitive squad is on the case.

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