7 Inexpensive, Fun, and Educational Ideas for Family Activities

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Netflix can only get you so far when it comes to beating boredom on a family fun night or during summer and winter break. Whether you need one good idea or 50, we've got dozens of creative activities to keep your kiddos entertained, while making family time more enjoyable.


Even better, new activities can encourage your family to interact with one another more — instead of being attached to a screen. The magic really happens when you connect with your kids and engage in new ways. Yes, this is the stuff that memories are made of.

There are many educational, social, economical, and fun activities families can do together. Below are a few ideas for creating fun family experiences and memories.

1. Practice Giving – Generosity is a virtue children can develop early. Encourage this trait over a holiday break or a long weekend by gathering new and used items for charities. If organizations are asking for new items, have the child help pick out a toy or canned food item for the donation. If organizations are looking for used items, work on organization while teaching the value of giving by having the child sort through old toys and clothes with you to select items for donation. Take the child with you to the giving center to help them follow the giving process.

2. Volunteer - Promote compassion by volunteering with children. Serve food at a homeless shelter, help at a retirement center, walk dogs for a dog rescue league, or assist with a carwash to raise money for a non-profit. These are activities families can do together to help others. When you volunteer with a child they learn to appreciate what they have and to help others.

3. Enjoy the Outdoors – Families can develop a healthy lifestyle in any season by doing things outdoors. Building a snowman, walking in the park, jumping in leaves, and playing at the beach are a few ideas for getting outside and enjoying nature. Outdoor activities are wonderful times to talk with children while improving your health.

4. Make the Most of Community Events – Large cities and small towns have free, fun weekend and holiday activities. Attending these events often becomes a tradition for families that children grow up looking forward to every year. Holiday parades, fall plays, and live music in the park are some free or inexpensive community activities.

5. Cook Together – Children can be very helpful in the kitchen even at a young age. Have kids measure, stir, or just hand you items for cooking. Practicing basic kitchen skills is a great activity for kids of all ages and it develops important life skills.

6. Improve Your Home – Let children help with home activities. Although many home projects are completed mostly by adults, children feel a sense of reward and ownership when they are involved in a project. Children can help with projects in small ways such as organizing the closets, putting up holiday decorations, painting, or handing materials to you. Seeing progress in home improvement projects and learning from adults teaches children they can start and finish home improvement projects.

7. Play a Game – Board games and athletic sports teach cooperation and problem solving. Teach children to follow rules and resolve conflict by playing games with them. These activities provide a critical foundation for social and emotional development.

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