Fort Hood: Families of deployed soldiers receive discounted childcare

Crystal Rosado , KWTX

FORT HOOD, Texas (KWTX) The military brings constant change and with that come scheduling conflict.


That can be especially true when children are involved.

Child Youth Service at Fort Hood offers discounted daycare for infants and children as old as 5.

Chelsey Samide, the Assistant Director of Outreach Services said the families of deployed soldiers get 16 free daycare hours each month.

"Any additional hours after that is just dollars per hour per child," Samide said.

Samide said it is good to get the kid around others experiencing the same things especially when a parent is gone for months at a time.

"They get frustrated, they have separation anxiety, so we make sure the children feel safe and feel nurtured in the programs," said Samide.

She said although they may be reluctant at first to be in a new space they soon grow to love it.
"We have Tyqondo classes, we are trying to get swim classes, and we have painting classes."

Samide said the daycare hours are intended to help the whole family.

"Take some time for yourself everybody needs a little break even a little time to party or hang out with your adult friends."

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