Insulin For All


With the rapid rate of type 1 diabetes diagnosis', it's likely you may be impacted in some way or another by the disease.


According to the American Diabetes Association, 1.25 million people are living with type 1 diabetes, in the United States alone.

Type 1 diabetes is quite different than type 2; the immune system attacks insulin producing cells for a reason that has not been confirmed. However, there are many theories, such as viral triggers.

Overpriced Meds

While sufferers are hoping for a cure, the focus has sadly turned to simply accessing medication. That's right, even in America, there are people who cannot afford insulin, including myself. One package of insulin can reach $500 and beyond. Most type 1's use two variations of insulin. This means, at minimum, some insulin users have to pay $1,000 extra a month. And that's not accounting for costs of other medications, insurance premiums, doctors and hospital visits. Even those with great jobs struggle.

Type 1 diabetics have begun to ration their insulin, often allowing blood sugar numbers to hang around dangerous levels. I ration myself 18 units of insulin, in addition to 10 units of background insulin a day, no exceptions.

Insulin was discovered by Frederick Banting and Charles H. Best in the early 1900's, which turned Type 1 diabetes from a terminal illness into one that could be relatively managed. Banting and Best wanted insulin to always be accessible, and hesitated patenting and selling it; so they put it in the hands of the University of Toronto for safe keeping.

The University allowed distributors to begin making and selling insulin, so it would be widely available to the public; but it wasn't long before companies were making "adjustments", and repatenting insulin. Prices began to rise unjustly.

The three major insulin companies are now being accused of price fixing and pushing financial burden among patients to provide big discounts to companies that actually sell the product. A class action lawsuit has been filed.

Change Through Awareness

T1International is an organization working to raise awareness of every diabetic's rights. Those rights include access to medication and supplies to not only help them manage their condition, but to keep them alive.

Through volunteers, trustees, Global advocates and founder Elizabeth Rowley, major steps toward awareness worldwide have been made. In many countries, most of an individuals income goes toward diabetic supplies; and it can't go on.

Go to T1International's site and sign the charter to help us get closer to #Insulin4All. Because one day, if not already, you may be affected by this disease.

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