RIOTS IN PARIS: Anti-fascists fight armed police after French Election results announced

RADICAL anti-fascist protesters have clashed with armed police in Paris after hearing the news that Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron appear to have made it through to the run-off in the French Presidential election.


Shocking riots in Paris during the French presidential election

Demonstrators clash with riot police after partial results in the first round of 2017 French presidential election, in Paris

Riot police continue to engage in violent clashes with anti fascist groups who seemingly cannot accept the result of the public vote - which shows Mr Macron won 23.3 per cent of support compared to Ms Le Pen’s estimated 21.7 per cent.

Reports say tear gas has been used against the hundreds of protesters, who have also been struck with battens.


'Marine Le Pen to face Emmanuel Macron in French election run-off'

Marine Le Pen French Election speech: This is an historic victory

It appears a peaceful left-wing protest was taken over by more radical leftists, who are intent on engaging in violence.

Pictures show protesters armed with pieces of wood charging at police and throwing a volley of missiles.

Initial polling data shows Ms Le Pen and Mr Macron will face off in the final round of voting, which takes place on May 7.


Violent clashes with French riot police are taking place in Paris


Anti-fascists clash with police after French Election first round resultBookmakers have shortened the odds on Mr Macron, who has consistently polled better than the National Front leader in head-to-head surveys.

Ms Le Pen took to the stage and hailed “an historic event” and vowed to tighten up border security.

Mr Macron vowed to unite France behind his En Marche! party and said he would be "a president for all".

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