Native Eyewear: Tough Shades

When participating in outdoors sports, we take precautions by wearing appropriate gear. That also means we need more than drugstore sunglasses. Unexpected falls, debri and intense sunlight all play a factor in the risks of eye injury.


Native Eyewear specifically designs their sunglasses and ski goggles to provide optimal protection in outdoor environments.


Native lenses provide four times the protection from infrared light, than your average polarized lense. UV light is efficiently filtered out, without compromising crispness and color of the scenery around. I wore sunglasses with the green reflective lenses on our ski trip to Jackson Hole. Native's green lense is designed for bright light, like the kind that bounces off white snow in the middle of the day. This type of light can be extremely damaging, so adequate polarization is crucial.

While it seems green leneses would distort my perception of color and clarity, I experienced the opposite. The deep greens and heavenly whites from the surrounding mountain environment were vivid and clear, and seemingly enhanced rather than disrupted.

Eco Friendly

Anyone who knows me knows I try hard to incorporate Eco Tourism into the way I travel, this also means I find it particularly important to keep my gear just as eco friendly.

Native frames are made from a non petroleum, plant based material that's significantly better for the environment. While the incredibly sturdy shades likely won't end up in a landfill in a lifetime, it's good to know that the materials are more hospitable to our Earth.


Scratch and impact resistant lenses, in addition to a strong, somewhat flexible frame means that even the most fierce tumbles will have a hard time destroying your Native glasses. Poly crystal carbonate lenses protect the eyes from particles or debris from rough terrain. Because of this, I also use these when cutting grass or doing other yard work. These glasses are made to withstand force, and if for some unworldly reason they don't, they are backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Look

A variation of looks are available, but I opted for a sleek women's frame with electric and attractive green lenses. They were comfortable and blocked chilly winds from drying out my contacts. My husband sported a wood grain frame with classic dark grey lenses, which I found to be unique, and suitable for either gender.

Native Eyewear serves as a protective, sleek piece of your adventurist wardrobe. Get out there and explore, while stylishly guarding your eyes as you do it.

Karyn Wofford
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