More than 60 soldiers to deploy from Fort Lee Thursday

Dean Hoffmeyer / Times-Dispatch

More than 60 soldiers are preparing to deploy to Southwest Asia to support U.S. forces fighting Islamic State extremists in Iraq and Syria.


The 275th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, a U.S. Army Reserve unit stationed out of Fort Lee, will provide logistical support including supplies, transportation and ordnance to forces downrange in Operation Inherent Resolve, according to Fort Lee spokeswoman Sarah Gauvin.

Like their fellow service members in the National Guard, Army Reserve soldiers split their time between their civilian jobs and military commitments. But unlike the guard, which activates for state emergencies, reserve forces serve only federal missions like overseas deployments and disaster support.

A ceremony at Fort Lee is set for Thursday for family members and friends to send off their soldiers.

Before deploying to Southwest Asia, the battalion will train at Fort Hood, Texas.

The 275th battalion last deployed to Iraq in 2011 in support of Operation New Dawn, the name given to the U.S. military’s action in Iraq during the troop drawdown. It was tasked with continuing to supply soldiers in the fight while also closing or relocating operating bases in Iraq.

The unit was the last logistics battalion to leave Iraq, essentially turning out the lights at the close of more than eight years of conflict.

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