Conor McGregor Reportedly Knocked Out In Sparring For 'Money Fight' With Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Conor McGregor's boxing career may not be getting off to a good start. On the heels of a high-profile, but mostly unappealing international world tour to promote his August 26 bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr., rumors have surfaced about McGregor's inefficiency during sparring sessions.
To put it plainly, McGregor is pacing toward a $100 million payday, but he may have to take a beating to collect his check.Former world champions Jessie Vargas and Brandon Rios told Villainfy Media that McGregor had already been "knocked out in sparring" in preparation for the bout. Here's the video interview.


The standard weight of the glove in sparring can range from 14-16 ounces, depending on the camp. The gloves for the bout with Mayweather will likely be 10 ounces. Basic logic implies the shots Mayweather lands could be harder and thus have a more adverse effect on McGregor. That's all theoretical and may not prove to be valid once the two men are in the ring.

That said, we cannot ignore these rumors or the accounts of former sparring partners like Chris Van Heerden. Everyone who has sparred with McGregor–who has spoken about their experience–has come away less than impressed with the UFC lightweight champion.

This would seemingly match the narrative laid out by most boxing experts. The lack of boxing experience will likely make this a one-sided exhibition that favors Mayweather.

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