Upvote Worthy: This Patriotic Hero Pup Deserves To Be Celebrated On The Fourth of July

Dogs do their part to make everyone in this country happy, but some go on to be more than just a best friend.


Merrick is Airborne Veteran McLean Raybon’s reason for living. The veteran’s service dog allows him to face his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder each day and still live his life to the fullest. This is a drastic change to the world Raybon was mired in before Merrick arrived. Struggling with his PTSD after returning home from Afghanistan, the veteran found himself spending hours alone in his garage, isolating himself from his wife, children and friends. This solitude and fear of the outside world led to an addiction to pain medication.

Merrick helped pull his dog dad out of this dark place with help from Merrick Pet Care and K9s for Warriors. Together they save the lives of rescue dogs and sponsor their service dog training, giving the shelter pups a second chance and giving veterans across the country much-needed companions.

Now, with Merrick in his life, Raybon finds himself going out to run errands, spending time with his kids in the park and greeting each day with an optimism that was missing before.

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