Dunkin Donuts sued over claims that ‘steak’ sandwich doesn't contain steak

What exactly is “steak”? Is it a specific cut of beef? A product made from such cuts? Or is it more a measure of quality?


Well, whatever it is, a woman in New York claims she found none of it inside her Angus Steak and Egg Sandwich at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Chefun Chen, of Queens, has filed a federal class-action lawsuit against Dunkin Brands, Inc. in the Eastern District of New York, alleging that the company’s Angus Steak and Egg Sandwich doesn’t contain any actual steak.

Instead, Chen argues that the “Steak” in Dunkin’s sandwich refers to “an inferior product of minced meat which contains ‘fillers and binders,’” and therefore is misleading to consumers, according to court documents.

In advertising their product as steak, Chen alleges that Dunkin’ implies the sandwich is “a superior product to its Classic sandwiches and wraps.” She also feels that by marketing the item in this fashion, the chain has been able to charge a premium for the sandwich.

In her lawsuit, Chen claims she paid $3.99 for the sandwich at a Queens location on June 21, which is a full 50 cents more than she would have paid for an Egg and Cheese Bagel with bacon, ham or sausage. On June 24, Chen also purchased an Angus Egg Snack N’ Go Wrap for $1.99, or 60 cents more than the classic version with ham, bacon or sausage.

As evidence of Dunkin’ Donuts’ alleged misrepresentation, Chen’s lawsuit points to the company’s past ad campaigns, including a commercial called “Fellow-Steak-Lover Handshake,” in which a voiceover claims “it’s a big day for steak fans” and later encourages viewers to “celebrate with steak.” Another ad cited in the lawsuit was Dunkin’s “Angus Steak & Egg Sandwich TV Spot,” in which the phrase “steak and eggs” is repeated several times.

It’s worth noting that at the end of the latter commercial, a voiceover can be heard explaining that “Dunkin’s Steak and Egg Sandwich is oven-toasted and made with angus beef.” The item’s product page also describes the sandwich as containing “the irresistible flavors of Angus Steak, egg and American cheese, served on an oven-toasted bagel.”

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