Columbus Fire and EMS rescues teen at Riverwalk; Officials urge public of water safety

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – Columbus Fire and EMS rescued a 17-year-old female Thursday afternoon near the Bibb City water dam.


According to Fire Marshal Ricky Shores, the teen was caught on the rocks with no life jacket while taking pictures at the RiverWalk.

“It is illegal to be on any portion of the river in the whitewater park without the proper floatation device,” said Chief Shores.

Columbus Fire and EMS are warning the public about how dangerous it is when the water rises from the Georgia Power generator, which happens every day around 3 p.m.

Shores also says that sirens go off warning people that the water is rising and no matter what, no one is supposed to be on the rocks without a life jacket.

He wants the public to be aware of the dangers of being in or around the river and to take appropriate precautions to avoid an incident like this happening.

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