Salt lamps; Cozy Wellness

You’ve heard the hype; Himalayan salt lamps are the “in” thing right now. But that cozy, glowing rock is more than just the latest fad, it makes a difference in your home and your health.


Not all salt lamps are created equal. REAL lamps are harvested from ancient mines near the …Himalayas. Many companies have tried to cash in on this hot item by creating counterfeit lamps. Be sure you are getting the real thing. So Well sells authentic, fair trade lamps that are imported from a family of artisans in Pakistan.

Trends and statement pieces aside, let's dig beyond the surface to understand why these lamps will likely stick around.

Combats the Negative Effects of Electronics

It's safe to say we are nearly beyond the point of return when it comes to ridding our lives of electronics. I look at myself, a type one diabetic, and I'm loaded with digital gadgets that tell me my blood sugar and pump insulin into my body. Even my darn phone is in on it, filling in for my glucose monitor via Bluetooth. Freaky stuff. I can admit, but I won't give those things up.

Electronics emit low grade radiation, which fills our environment with illness inducing positive ions. That big hunk of salt traps the junk and puts out negative ions, which dramatically enhance our health. “Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy,” says WebMD.

It Nourishes Your Brain

In a technical sense, the salt lamp removes the ions that also block blood flow to your brain. More nutrients can start making their way up there, which has countless benefits like better sleep, heightened learning ability and a decreased likely hood of mental illness. A healthy, enriched brain means a better chance of warding off diseases like Alzheimer's.

It's an Allergen Magnet

Pollen, dust, cigarette residue; you name it, the salt lamp can remove it. The lamps absorbs water from the air, takes the allergen burden off the water, then the water evaporates, leaving the particles trapped.

Adding a salt lamp to your bedroom will begin to show results in a week or so. My brother suffers greatly from allergies year-round. Vacuuming and dusting just weren't cutting it and mornings were always the worst for his flare ups. We put a lamp from So Well in his room at the beginning of December. While it took a few days to notice a difference, he is now waking up with clear airways, which hasn't happened in years.

I have a Himalayan Holistic Salts lamp in my bedroom. And while I haven't suffered from allergies, the air is noticeably clearer and fresh. I’ve also noticed that my vent filters need to be cleaned less often. The effectiveness of allergen removal is surprising. Himalayan Holistic Salts also sells authentic lamps from Pakistan. Keep in mind, the larger the room, the larger the lamp you'll need. Or two small ones will do.

Brings Happiness

There is something mesmerizing about the glow of the lamps. The golden hues mimic the sun and can combat SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, which occurs from lack of sunlight in the winter. “Symptoms of seasonal affective disorder include loss of pleasure and energy, feelings of worthlessness, inability to concentrate, and uncontrollable urges to eat sugar and high-carbohydrate foods,” according to Harvard. Exposing the retinas to more light can rebalance one’s circadian rhythm when days are darker. sphere lamp resembles the sun or a harvest moon and assists in destressing while lounging or meditating.

Prevent Viruses and Bacteria

Negative ions can kill viruses and bacteria in the air, making salt lamps a fantastic way to balance bacteria in your home. We need good bacteria, which is all too often killed off by harsh, household cleaners. Salt is a natural way to cleanse your home, leaving the right kind of bacteria behind. Goodbye Lysol.

In Addition to Your Salt Lamp…

Spend time in nature; negative ions are concentrated in unpolluted areas. There’s a reason why a mountain hike or walk on the beach is so invigorating, because it’s doing all the things we just discussed a salt lamp can do. Salt lamps allow us to bring these incredible benefits indoors, but we should utilize the benefits of the great outdoors as much as possible.

Needless to say, including salt lamps in our lives, especially when so many of us have jobs that keep us inside, is a trend that will not fade. At least I hope not!

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