Pro-Life Group Silenced On College Campus


While many college campuses claim to be centers for diverse ideas, Norvilla Etienne saw her ideas silenced by the school’s administrators.


Norvilla Etienne, a rising senior at Queens College, said she became pro-life after finding out her mother considered having an abortion with her

She wanted to start a pro-life student group on campus to educate women that abortion is not the only answer to an unexpected pregnancy

But this pro-life group was blocked by the school’s administrators.

“They shut it down with no explanation with the reasons for shutting it down, which is essentially putting a lid on someone else’s viewpoints. It shouldn’t matter what the viewpoints of those who work at the student development office have about the issue,” Etienne said.

Etienne said this is a direct attack on free speech

And that for students, college is the place to learn about all ideas, including the conservative point of view on abortion.

“If we have administrators who have their own viewpoints hovering over the student body protecting them from each others points of view, it’s not a healthy environment, it’s not how things should be here. So squashing other viewpoints because you as an administrator think one is better than the other, it’s the beginning of the death of what college should be,” Etienne said.

Etienne said the college campus should be a free marketplace for the exchange of all ideas, not just the ideas of the administrators.

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