Naughty Soda: Enhancing Atlanta's Craft Beer Scene

Naughty Soda

Tucked away on the north side of Atlanta resides a craft brewery like no other in the area. Stemming from David Sheet's exstenive craft beer brewing background is Naughty Soda, Atlanta's only craft soda, so far. The concept developed after a pumpkin spice soda was created for a customer appreciation day at Sheet's first brewery, Blind Murphy's. It was October and the creator felt as if pumpkin beer had been overdone. And the soda was a huge hit!


Naughty Soda is a revolutionary concept that fits seemlessly into Atlanta's vastly developing "local" mentality. Not often do you see Atlantans chugging down a watermelon Smirnoff; this is a land of great craft alcohol opportunity. Naughty Soda sources fresh and natural ingredients from local distributors. Strawberries, blueberries, cinnamon, apple cider and other delicious ingredients are used to make an exciting variety of boozy soda. The company is highly supportive of local growers, sourcing strawberries from Cartersville and apple cider from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Strawberry lemonade is one of the current featured flavors, and with perfect timing as it's a festive summer time drink destined for backyard barbecues and beach bonfires. The guys up at the brewery are always playing around with new, unusual flavors that are unlike anything you'll find in the store.

Here's the thing, Naughty Soda is up and coming at a rapid rate, but if you must try it at this very moment, you will have to travel to the land of Falcons Football and peaches. Naughty Soda is not yet being distributed, but will be in the future.

For now you can hit up the brewery for an enriching tour on beer and brewing culture. You'll get to meet the brains behind the operation and see, first hand, where the magic happens. Then you'll go to beer/booze soda heaven to taste variations from the tap wall. And here's the best part, you'll be leaving with a six pack and a glass you can keep forever.

So there you have it folks, if you want to get your hands on some Naughty Soda rather than waiting it out, you'll have to come to the majestic brewery. But we have our fingers crossed that this company and others like it will spread their natural concoctions across store shelves all over the US. I dream of a day that prepackaged spiked raspberry lemonade and Arnold Palmers are filled with real ingredients.

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