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Mother's Day, first recognized in the US, is now celebrated by many countries around the world including India.


Mother's day is this Sunday. How many of you earthlings have bought a respectably fine present for the most special woman in your life? Normally, buying gifts for days like the mother's day is pretty much last minute like studying for final exams. But here's how you can make this mother's day different. By giving her presents that are different from the rest of the fluff in the market. For the uninitiated, mother's day is always celebrated on the second Sunday of the month May. The day, first recognised in the US, is now celebrated by many countries around the world including India.

Here are five ways you can surprise your mother:

Treasure Hunt

This Sunday, lay out a map for your mother and let her find presents all around the house, or at her workplace. In hidden jars or even in plain sight. Let her make way to gifts that could be jewellery, kitchen items, body-care products, clothes or just her favourite cookies.

The Memories Jar

Take her down the memory lane with jar full of memories of your childhood and her motherhood. You could include handwritten notes, precious knick-knacks, small photo album.

Give her a day of her own

Make this Mother's day, a queen's day for your mummy. Give her a day off from all the worries and mind-numbing work she immerses herself in every day. Send her away for spa, or day- long stay at a posh hotel, a movie, trip to a bookstore or just give her a mall voucher for retail therapy.

Handmade present

There is no present that is better than a gift created by a mother's own child. The web is full of websites that tutor you to make easy breezy D-I-Y gifts. The easiest would be pick a sheet of paper and pen down your love for her and sign it with love and care and see your mother jump with joy.


In the everyday hustle bustle of life there is one thing that people often find scarce: time. If your busy busy schedule doesn't allow any of the above presents, just give your dear mother the luxury of your time. Spend the day with her, take her shopping or just stay home and watch a movie. Cook for her; sing for her; do her chores; perform for her along with your sibling, your father or both of them and watch the glee on her face.

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