A standoff with a man who opened fire on police as they tried to serve a warrant, killing a bystander, continued into Wednesday evening in Trenton, New Jersey.

Late in the afternoon, police entered a home next to where the suspect was barricaded. Officers also aggressively moved people back from the scene.

The Action Cam was there earlier Wednesday as police used a robot to deliver a phone in a bag to try and establish communication.

Police say the suspect has responded to their efforts to contact him, but wouldn't elaborate.

The suspect is identified as 35-year-old Tyleeb Reese.

Meanwhile, we've learned the name of the man who was killed is Juan Alexandra, and it is believed he was an innocent bystander.

We talked to his sister-in-law, Charlene Longoria, who believes that as well.
"But I don't think he was a target, I really believe he was an innocent bystander," she said. "He was there at the wrong time. I truly believe that with all my heart."

The incident began around 6:20 a.m. in the 300 block of Centre Street.

There, police say, U.S. Marshals from the New York-New Jersey regional fugitive task force were trying to serve a warrant.

At that point the individual opened fire. Three Mercer County Sheriff's officers were hurt, and Alexandra was shot and killed.

"Five gunshots, very loud. Woke me up right out of my bed," said Roseman Pilot. "I come right out and see a body laying on the ground, cops hiding behind cover. It was crazy."

"As the officers were backing out of the house, under fire, the suspect continued to fire, during which time an individual outside the residence was struck by gunfire and is deceased," said Lt. Stephen Varn of Trenton Police.

Alexandra was killed was crawling on the ground for safety when he was fatally shot.

"My wife heard everything," said Gary Trobloski. "She was in the backyard and she heard 'pow, pow.' She went down and held her head."

The officers suffered just minor injuries, police say.

Meanwhile, people who know the suspect have no explanation for his actions. He was called "easy-going" and "a jokester."

"Everybody in the neighborhood knows him. He's kind to everybody. He's real good, friendly," said Talaya Johnson.

"In my shop he used to come in and get his haircut since he was a little kid," said retired barber George David. "I am really surprised, he's not that kind of fellow."

Video from Chopper 6 HD showed a number of police units and ambulances on the scene.

A number of streets have been blocked off in the area and many residents have been evacuated.

"The kids can't go to school, people can't go to work, can't move their cars. It's just too much drama for me," said Carmelia Newson.

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