Residents concerned about 'crumbling homes' in Fort Mitchell

Parker Branton

FORT MITCHELL, AL (WTVM) - Some homeowners in East Alabama are spending big bucks for new homes they say are now crumbling to the ground.


Over a quarter of a million dollar homes sit right here in Bradley Landing, but residents are telling me Thursday that the price tag doesn’t reflect what they bought.

“With all the issues we’re having here, we think this house might crumble down on our heads,” says homeowner Georgia Perry.

“This is over a quarter of a million dollar house I expect this house to be taken care of, we are taking care of it we expect them to provide us with what we paid for,” says another homeowner.

“Nothing but problems since day one,” says homeowner George Askew.

Sitting on the homes cracking, appliances falling apart, and leaks in the ceilings. Some of the issues these fort Mitchell homeowners say they’re dishing out cash to fix.

“Well over four thousand dollars on the floors alone,” says one homeowner.

“I ended up spending three thousand plus,” says another.

It doesn’t end there.

“My main concern is the cracks running through the entire foundation,” says Perry.

Homeowners say they’ve made numerous calls to set-up a repair and are not getting answers.

“They appear to be very friendly, but not supportive,” says Askew.

I gave the builders a call multiple times and didn’t get an answer.

Meanwhile, homeowners say they are taking action until something is done.

“I’m fed up… I’m ready to sell and relocate,” says Askew.

“This was going to be our retirement home or place where we can lay in bed at night and rest in peace, but that didn’t happen,” says Perry.

People living in this subdivision say they do get a warranty for these homes some have a one-year some have a five year – but they feel that if these homes weren’t properly built in the first place - something should be done.

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