The Alpine House; A Jackson Hole Getaway

The Alpine House

Jackson Hole is one of the best destinations to hit the slopes in the United States. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is the first place that comes to mind, but is actually several minutes from Downtown square itself, in Teton village. The Town Square houses a large selection of stores, restaurants and accommodations, such as The Alpine House.


The Alpine House is a rustic, Viking inspired, European architecture lodge owned by former winter Olympians. The home-like atmosphere is accented with vintage ski memorabilia, many fireplaces, lots of wood accenting and extremely friendly staff.

You have options when it comes to room style; basic rooms, suites and cottages that are located a little less than a block from the main office. And while the lodge gives off major bed and breakfast vibes, it has numerous rooms which all have their own bathrooms. We all crave that personable Inn feel, but definitely want our privacy.

Beds all come with plush padding and blankets, while the rooms are accented with authentic Jackson Hole touches. Bathrooms are cleaned top to bottom with all natural, environmentally friendly products. And the little fireplaces in guest rooms are the cherry on top. It feels very much like home.

Summer or winter, there's plenty of space to lounge, from the front porch vintage glider to the small library equipt with a fireplace. The dining area and bar serves as a downtime spot as well. There are plenty of nooks to sneak away to if you seek alone time.

A sauna is available 24/7 on the bottom floor and is much appreciated after a winter day on the slopes, or a summer day of hiking. Treatment rooms are beside the sauna; schedule massage appointments at the front desk.

Last but certainly not least, breakfast is prepared to order by The Alpine House's chef. The daily selection could be anything from ricotta pancakes with wild berries to a spinach frittata with sausage and tomatoes. While you wait for the main entree, a buffet of house made granola, pastries, fruit, yogurt and meats are available.

Ingredients are locally sourced. Jackson Hole is notorious for their locally inspired cuisine, even when it's 10 degrees out. This is thanks to a revolutionary, vertical greenhouse design that supplies fresh produce when needed.

An honor bar is located in the dining area; just grab a glass of merlot and write it down on the form placed on the counter. Charges will be added to your final bill.

Cookies, brownies or bread are always in the lobby for snacking. Coffee, tea and a variation of fruit is available as well. All but alcohol is included in your stay, even breakfast!

Family Friendly
The Alpine House is perfect for romantic getaways or a family stay. The environment is relaxed yet luxurious, perfect for pleasing kids and adults. So go ski in the winter, or grab one of the complimentary bikes in the summer and explore the western inspired streets of Jackson Hole. Summer and winter are both great times to explore a variation of Wildlife through EcoTour Adventures' safari style van. Get outside and take it all in.

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