Military Area Guide to Dedicate new show to Direct Selling Spouses

According to a January 2017 article on Military One, MLM otherwise known as Direct Sales jobs are popular among military spouses because they are PCS Proof. There are literally hundreds of direct sales business options to choose from and most choose according to their personality types, or in response to a need they see in their area or among their friends and family and find products to promote and sell. Many with diligence do very well with direct sales business by finding savvy ways to advertise, network and get their products in front of large crowds, while another spins their wheels and lose momentum quickly.


While it is true that direct sales are not for everyone they can be extremely fun and rewarding. Some companies even give cars, and all expense paid vacations to their top-selling affiliates but how do they do it? That is the question we are asking to all of the successful direct sellers in the Military Area Guide community. We want to hear about your success and product on our radio show. As a way to give back to our military and civilian communities, we are inviting direct seller to come on Military Area Guide Radio Show for only $1.00 per minute of airtime! Tell the 200K plus listener base who you are and what you sell for only a dollar. Of course, you may purchase additional minutes up to one hour.

The show called MAG Radio Direct Sellers, will tentatively air on every Thursday at 6 pm on the M.A.G. Radio platform powered by XATABEATS and be blasted to our social media audience, as well as an introduction article for each episode as they will all be pre-recorded with commercial slots available for advertisers.

To purchase air time to showcase your product as low as $1.00 sign up at

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