2017 Military Spouse of the Year: ‘We try to be the glue’

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — It is often said that how servicemembers do their jobs depend on the support they have at home, and those spouses often help others with the rigors of military life.


That’s why 10 On Your Side is part of a tradition to offer the rare recognition to the pillars on the homefront when their spouse is away.

“We try to be the glue that sticks everything together, holds everything together.”

On Thursday, Heather Kuhn was selected from more than 10 finalists for the 2017 Heroes at Home Hampton Roads Military Spouse of the Year.

Kuhn is a mother of two whose husband is stationed on the USS Monterey at Naval Station Norfolk. In nine years, she’s endured four deployments and five moves.

“It certainly is not an easy job, but it’s a pleasure when we can look at it as glass half full,” Kuhn said.

The glass half full is the satisfaction Kuhn gets by helping other military families endure the long separations that come with serving one’s country.

“I think we’re coming around to that period of time where we have to realize it’s not just about us,” she said. “It’s about every part of that community.”

What Heather does at home affects her husband thousands of miles away. It provides reassurance.

“If you’re worried at work, it takes your mind off the job at hand and Heather’s done an excellent job with our household,” says Lt. William Kuhn.

Flagship newspapers started this event back in 2005, and WAVY-TV has been a major sponsor for more than a decade. This year, Heroes at Home became a statewide program in Virginia.

As part of the honor, Heather and her husband also got a seven-day luxury resort vacation, thanks to USAA and Explore Cruise and Travel. Now, she has to find the time to take it.

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