These 5 Illustrations Purrfectly Show What Your Cat Thinks When You Order Takeout

Deliver us some temptation by HuffPost Partner Studio

Every once in awhile, we all like to treat ourselves to takeout. Sure, we all know that we will eat more healthfully and economically if we cook it ourselves, but there are some nights when nothing but takeout will do. (And we deserve this, thank you very much!)


But what if our cats suddenly started voicing their opinions on our takeout habits – or any of our other habits for that matter? ‘Cause you know kitty’s got opinions! We bet that they’d have a catty word or two. (Ha!) That’s why we’ve partnered with Temptations cat treats to create kitty cartoons that share our cats sassy thoughts about humans and their funny takeout rituals.

1. The Kitty With Cattitude

Blame Your Brother / Anchor Point Animation

2. The Catty Kitty

Blame Your Brother / Anchor Point Animation

3. The Fancy Feline

Blame Your Brother / Anchor Point Animation

4. The Co-Dependent Kitty

Blame Your Brother / Anchor Point Animation

5. The Keeping-It-Real Cat

Blame Your Brother / Anchor Point

Next time you want to treat yourself with some takeout, don’t forget to treat your cat, too! Order up some Temptations Treats and your kitty will love you for it! Believe it or not Temptations really made a take-out store for cats!

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