Kardashian Catching Heat for Mocking Mental Illness While Wearing Fur

Kourtney Kardashian (pictured here at a film premiere in April 2017) posted an image on social media that is drawing some criticism for insensitivity. (Photo: AP) ( Yahoo D.L. Chandler )

The Kardashian clan thrives on media attention, having mastered the ability to cause a firestorm of discussion for the simplest of actions. However, Kourtney Kardashian may want to steal some time away from the limelight after an Instagram message she posted seemed to mock those who suffer from mental illness.


Kardashian, 38, posted an image of herself dressed down in a white T-shirt, black sweats, sneakers, with a light brown fur draped over her shoulder as she hoisted a bag. The photo was captioned meme-style, “Me After A Mental Breakdown” without context — and the reality television star is catching criticism for the photo.

“Please @kourtneykardash stop wearing fur. Your coat cost many lives. It’s gross,” wrote one of Kardashian’s 56.3 million followers. Another added, “Kourtney you should be ashamed ,you don’t eat meat but you wear fur??? seriously ???”

Some people noted that the fur might be a fake, but that didn’t deter others for throwing jabs Kardashian’s way.

“MAKING FUN OF MENTAL ILLNESS ISNT FUNNY,” said an angry user, while another said, “Yes you are a mental case.”

However, many defended Kardashian’s outfit choice and praised the casual look. Kardashian has yet to respond to any of the comments — more than 9,600 and counting. She has posted a few updates since this particular shot, including one that said simply, “Siked for Saturday!”

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