Escaping Death And Knowing Who Pulled Me Out!

What if you were only 11 years old at an outdoors swimming pool and after being there for only 1/2 of an hour, you thought it was going to be your last day on earth?


That’s what I thought...

Let me go back for just a second so that you will understand how GOD works. I’d say about 3 years prior to this day, my mom allowed me and my youngest brother Billy, to take free swimming lessons at the Boys Club. There were two things that I just could not bring myself to do. Jump off the high dive into deep water and swim on top of water. My feet always seemed to sink to the bottom of the pool and deep water terrified me! The one thing however, that I did learn to do quite well, was swim under water.

It was a beautiful afternoon that my mom allowed us to go swimming with our neighbors and their children. Once we got to the pool, their mom allowed us to go off on our own as long as we understood not to go over the blue and white rope with the floaters on it. We knew that’s where the deep water was and you didn’t have to tell me but once!

We wanted to be as close to it as possible though because we were comfortable with 5 feet at least and it was more fun. What I did not expect was to have gotten too close and the floor of the pool seemed to disappear from under my feet. It also felt like the water was pulling me under. The first instinct was to panic. I tried frantically to stay afloat and when I found it getting harder I started yelling for the lifeguard’s attention.

Well, there were at least 50 people there….or so it seemed, maybe more and not only was it loud but a lot of the kids had already been faking and saying they were drowning and the lifeguards knew they were being silly. I guess they assumed I was playing too so they smiled and ignored me. It seemed to had gotten louder and in that moment I thought. “Omg! I’m getting ready to drown!"

Fast forward...because now I understand why I am still here! GOD’S protection, Grace and Mercy! A small but very audible voice said to me, “Go back under, lay your body flat against the water and swim towards the wall.” In an instant GOD had reached in and grabbed me out of danger by bringing remembrance to me that I swam well under water. All of a sudden I felt so calm and I did exactly what GOD told me to do. When I got to the wall I was high enough to be able to reach up and feel the top of the concrete. I used all the strength GOD had given me to pull myself out.

That was HIS Mercy and the feeling I had when I was now standing outside of the “Abyss” was that of HIS Grace! I’m alive today and a living witness that GOD is real and will come to the rescue! You will know without a doubt that it was HIM! How does an 11 yr old child calm herself in a split second and think that quickly to keep from drowning?? She’s a kid! SHE CAN’T! Oh! Somebody reading this right now just grabbed them some Grace! What has GOD pulled you out of?

Are you facing something that's keeping you up at night or daydreaming all day with worry? Reach back, pull up GOD'S resume and grab some hope!

Tonda Mingus
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