Person possibly swept away in Fort Hood flooding

KCEN's Military Reporter Jillian Angeline brings viewers the latest on an ongoing search for a person swept away by fast-moving flood waters.

Fort Hood officials have confirmed the vehicle being searched for has been found, but not the individual. Search and rescue efforts will continue throughout the evening.


Original Story

Emergency crews searched Fort Hood all day for one person in a vehicle who was swept into Clear Creek near Turkey Run Road just before 6 a.m. Tuesday.

High water and forecasted rain hampered efforts to locate the person and vehicle.

More than 70 emergency workers, including swift-water rescue crews and two Army AH-64 Apache Helicopters, were involved in the search.

As of late Tuesday afternoon, all roads previously closed for flooding -- with the exception of Old Georgetown Road are re-opened. But, all low water crossings remained closed.

Police and fire department officials urged drivers to be cautious during their commutes. Fort Hood Public Affairs stress drivers to "turn around, don't drown" if there are flood waters crossing a roadway.

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