Another Frog?

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Fairy Tales are usually for little girls. If you have a daughter or niece and had the privilege of watching them open their very young hearts to their first, what they would call love story, it is the most innocent and sweetest thing ever.


We are made to dream and desire magical moments of pedestal status by him. Women want to feel like a queen and nothing else matters but us. Unfortunately, many of us will spend years in unfulfilled relationships and marriages. This is because we keep making bad choices at the wrong times; when we are most vulnerable.

Most would say wake up from the dream or its only T.V. There is always some women sitting at a lunch room table discussing the opinion that there are no men out there that is wonderful and willing to sacrifice all for us. Past experience is the cause of this kind of thinking and also uncertainty of ever getting to the kind of relationship that a woman so longs for. It may have started since watching sitcoms as children, that displayed almost perfect marriages and family life or we possibly, if lucky enough, saw our parents in a loving relationship.

For those who believe no such relationships exist, I am going to have to disagree with you. I have witnessed, although very few, who are as close to fairy tale status as the hair is on our heads and I happen to believe that GOD has made a few more "Good guys!"

Have you been kissing frogs since childhood? Surely as the Bible states, "HE will give you the desires of your heart" will come true. In knowing that, believe it also and don't continue to settle. Wait for your Prince and let the frog kissing be a thing of the past.

Tonda Mingus
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