Budget woes mean less lead time for military family moves


Military families are already faced with less time to move to their next assignments and may see movements delayed if Congress does not take action, service officials told Stars and Stripes this week.


Each service is facing budgetary pressure under the continuing resolution, a stopgap measure passed by Congress that functions in lieu of a budget for the current fiscal year.

Navy families are now averaging less than 2 ½ months of notice before changing duty stations, giving them less time than usual to complete the ample paperwork, appointments and household demands often associated with such moves.

“If held to a year-long [continuing resolution] or if additional funding is not received by 28 April 2017, the Navy will be forced to take significant action, including delaying orders before individuals transfer, resulting in undue family stress and separations,” Navy spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Nathan Christensen said in an email.

The Air Force is facing similar stresses, according to testimony during a House Armed Services Committee meeting on Wednesday.

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