7 Most Annoying Things About Buying a Home


Buying a home is the American dream. So why, then, is it also a complete nightmare? Talk to most home buyers, and they’ll readily admit that for every high point, there are plenty of lows that leave them grumbling. To make sure you’re mentally prepared, here are some common irritations you may encounter on the path to homeownership. Rest assured, it’s worth it in the end, but it’s best to know what you’re up against. Fight the good fight!


Annoyance No. 1: Accessibility issues

You’ve seen the listing of your dreams online, but how does it look in real life? You’re dying to know … if only the owner would let you take a tour. Sellers who treat their homes like fortresses and make it difficult to get in for showings—and, later on, home inspections and walk-throughs—are a major hassle for home buyers looking to make a deal.

We know people are busy and all, but assuming they truly do want to sell their home—it is listed, after all—couldn’t they find a way to squeeze you in?

Sellers who are less than receptive to a home tour can be a serious drag.

Annoyance No. 2: The ‘purchase diet’

Even before starting your house hunt, you’ll need to scratch together a down payment. And there’s more: Once you’ve found the perfect home for you, you’ll also need to cough up closing costs. Then, you’d better start preparing for moving expenses.

With all this money flying out of your bank account, you have to suddenly be very, very careful about making any unnecessary purchases. Hey, even some necessary ones may now seem debatable. Who needs dinner, anyway? You ate this morning, isn’t that enough?

You’re going to have to rein it in—at least for a little while.

Annoyance No. 3: The wait to decorate

You’re so excited about your new digs, you can’t wait to furnish every inch. But alas, you’ll probably have to put the brakes on any trips to Room & Board, since not only did you just blow pretty much all of your funds on the house itself, but there are more serious consequences as well.

Can’t wait to feather your new nest? Don’t let it wreck your finances.giphy.com

“If you make any major purchases on credit, this can impact your credit score and debt-to-income ratio, causing you to no longer qualify for your loan,” notes Cara Ameer, a Realtor® in Ponte Vedra, FL. In other words, buy a couch, and that home could slip through your fingers. Trade-offs, people!

Annoyance No. 4: The seller leaves some ‘parting gifts’ …

You can’t wait to park your car in your new garage. But as you open the door, you’re faced with a scene from an episode of “Hoarders,” thanks to the previous owner, who opted to leave you a few unwanted surprises.

Yes, they’re supposed to leave the home clean and debris-free, but they must have deluded themselves into thinking that you’d love to inherit their old milk crates, half-used bags of potting soil, and other castoffs. Ever heard of holding a garage sale right when you move in? Well, now’s your chance.

Maybe you don’t want to use some of these “souvenirs.”

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