Snapchat's user base is increasingly getting older, and that's good news for investors (SNAP)

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Snapchat is still widely known for primarily attracting younger users, but older people are increasingly flocking to the ephemeral messaging app as well.


According to a recent report from comScore charted for us by Statista, people aged 35 and older accounted for nearly 46% of Snapchat’s adult user base in the US as of December 2016, up from just 24% one year before. Snapchat users under the age of 18 weren't included in comScore's study, so the percentages aren't indicative of the app's entire user base.

But Snapchat's nearly twofold increase among older users is a good sign for investors, who are closely watching whether the app can catch on outside of its core millennial demographic. Snapchat last reported in February that it had 158 million daily users, and investors are expecting to get an update on the app's user growth alongside Snap Inc.'s first quarterly earnings report as a public company in the coming weeks.

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