10 Shocking CONFESSIONS of SOLDIERS in the Military

A lot of interesting stuff about the military, but what about those military topics that don't get advertised as much from Special Forces to military spending to desertion there are some rather shocking facts that may just have you looking at the military in a whole different way.


Big Budgets, You know that the countries around the world spends billions upon billions of dollars on their Armed Forces you also know that the United States leaves the way in yearly military spending, the U.S. Yearly budget first military around 600 billion dollars, that's impressive, it's even more impressive when you learn that China comes in at number two with 129 billion, in fact, even if you added up the spending of the next seven militaries in the world they wouldn't surpass that of the United States.

Insane Training, Every nation prides itself on the level of training its soldiers and special forces have to go through in fact, you probably have some idea what sort of training is involved thanks to all the documentaries and military movies out there, then there's the Russian Special Forces yes, they do also successful training, but it's one exercise that really stands out in addition to using live ammunition Russian special forces are known to actually shoot each other with handguns sure they wear body armor but seriously.

Gas Guzzlers, Today we are more environmentally aware than ever before we use a lot of packaging trying to cut down electricity usage and recycles, then there's the military all over the world ships, planes and tanks burn an incredible amount of petroleum who comes in at number one we think you know, of course, it's the United States various estimates and official figures for the yearly gas consumption upwards of 800 to 900 millions gallon whereas in world war II the US military was using one gallon of gas per soldier for a day in the 21st century that level is not as high as 22 gallons.

Female Spec-Ops, Over the last few decades the role of women in the military and expanded greatly this includes roles in Special Forces and operations unit yet we bet you can't guess which military has the first all-female Special Ops unit surprisingly its Norway known as hunter troops this all-female force was created to respond to new challenges on the battlefield specifically, the force came about when all-male units reported difficulty interacting with female civilians in Muslim countries but are they tough enough well the women who make it into a hundred troops to do all the things their male counterparts can do and the fact that only 4% of applicants make it through training suggest that these are some pretty damn tough ladies.

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