Traveling through virtual reality

Afolake Oyinloye, African News

Imagine skydiving in South Africa, bungee jumping by Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls, crossing the Namibia’s desert and Dunes, exploring Kenya’s luxury safari and beach or at a spa in Marrakech Morocco.
All this done in the comfort of your home or hotel.


It is true that travelling to some corners of the world takes weeks, even months to plan.

To think of the discomfort of passing through travel agents and reading guide books and the stress of travelling itself or being jet lagged.

Thanks to technology, just don a headset, and you maybe able to travel everywhere without actually going anywhere at all. I’m talking about the virtual reality.
The virtual reality app was first introduced in the early 2000s, it is designed solely to provide virtual tours and includes 360-degree panoramic videos and still photographs that are both interactive and dynamic.

With the Samsung Gear device or even Google Cardboard, almost any smartphone can deliver a virtual reality experience. If you don’t have the means for some fancy device, google map has something similar, just log on to it.

Hajj 2017: Africa makes big pilgrim contribution

On today’s segment on travel, we also spoke on the just concluded Hajj to Saudi Arabia – which is largely a religious event but which has a tourism angle to it.

Pilgrims from around the continent troop to Saudi Arabia for rites as part of a once in a lifetime event.

Amazingly,records show that Africa occupies four slots in the top 10 pilgrim contributing countries for this year.
Egypt with 108,000 pilgrims was Africa’s largest contingent even though they placed fifth on the list.

Other African countries that made the top 10 are Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation with 79,000 pilgrims Algeria 36,000 and Morocco 31,000.

As of today, most pilgrims are either back home or are due back home and the Saudi authorities have all but successfully hosted over 2 million pilgrims in one of the world’s biggest annual religious gathering.

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